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ideaChef® is a method and a tool (a board game that uses cooking metaphors). It was designed to enable teams to convert high potential ideas into working concepts or prototypes. 

The goal is to create solutions (“recipes”) that address a particular challenge, neaed or problem. Type of challenges addressed by ideaChef®:​

Addressing a new service weakness​; Creating a new product/service​; Encouraging internal collaboration​; Co-creating services/products with customers​; Redesigning an internal process​; Developing new applications; Selecting a technology​; Identifying new markets​; Among others…​

ideaChef® is designed for up to 6 players, requiring a minimum of 3. It can be played multiple times by the same team playing different ideas, or by multiple teams playing the same idea.

In partnership with PM Partners Spain ( OnGlobal is the representative for Portugal and PALOP of ACL solutions. The ACL is a company based in Vancouver, Canada, founded in 1987 The ACL has over 25 years experience exclusively dedicated to developing and implementing software solutions for Internal Audit. Has more than 260,000 users and approximately 14,700 customers in over 150 countries. These solutions enable the implementation of business controls for conformity assessment and mitigation of corporate risk.

The QPR Software Plc (QJY) started its activity in 1991, in Helsinki, Finland. Today is publicly listed and it has more than 1500 clients in 50 countries. The QPR develops collaborative solutions in Process Management, Risk and Scorecarding (KPI’s), allowing, in a participatory manner, to guide employees for strategic goals and align Business Processes.

TAGETIK was founded in 1986 in Lucca, Italy. It is an established and profitable company with an annual growth rate exceeding 30%. Their customers, companies listed in the Fortune 1000, are 100% referenceable. TAGETIK offers a new generation of financial management tools that enables companies to completely consolidate their Financial Processes. A Tagetik solution supports applications and processes such as budgeting and financial planning, statutory consolidation, management reporting, profitability analysis and costing.